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Sunrise Chinchillas not only cares for chinchillas but cats as well. We are committed to helping rescue and rehome various cats and kittens through fostering with Abbey Cat Adoptions.

The purpose of this website is to showcase the cats and kittens we are currently fostering in our home. If you are interesting in a feline that you see on this page please read and follow the adoption procedures through:
 Abbey Cat Adoptions-


Flash and Fly (aka Jack and Jill on Abbey Cats)
Flash and Fly are a 6 month old spayed and neutered sibling pair. They were rescued from euthanasia at a shelter. These two are very bonded and are looking for a home together. They love to cuddle with eachother and people! They are litter trained and it is easy to groom them and cut their nails. They are the perfect pair!


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