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Sunrise Chinchillas

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Prices vary based on the colour and quality of the chinchilla. Listed here are general prices for most mutation colours that are subject to change based on the quality of the chin available.
Standard Grey                                                   $75
Hetero Beige                                                    $100
Homo Beige                                                     $125
Het. Brown Velvet                                            $150
Homo Brown Velvet                                         $175
White Mosaic                                                    $125
Silver Mosaic                                                    $150
Ebony/White Mosaic                                         $300
Tan/White Mosaic                                             $300
Tan                                                                   $175-200
Chocolate                                                          $300
Hetero Ebony                                                    $175-200
Homo Ebony                                                     $350

Our availability page is updated frequently. We limit breeding our chinchillas to 1-2 times a year with no breedbacks to ensure strong and healthy kits. If you are interested in a particular chinchilla seen on this page please contact us as soon as possible as they tend to go fast.
All sales will be made in Canadian funds through email transaction or money order. Each chinchilla comes with a food packet, intial health garantee, and pedigree.

We are willing to drive within 1- 2 hours to meet you, although we will ask for reasonable fuel compensation. We also ship our chinchillas out of Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) and Hamilton Airport (YHM) via Air Canada or Westjet. Shipping fees are on average $70 to $80 CA  to both the US and Canada and crates are $25. Buyers are responsible for these costs.