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Sunrise Chinchillas

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Welcome to Sunrise Chinchillas.

We are hobby breeders of pet chinchillas with a focus on health and temperament.
Our mission is to provide well-rounded pet/ breeder chinchillas of standard grey and most mutation colours including variations of white, beige, and ebony.
Our kits are out of American show line pairs. Housed in large individual cages, our mating pairs enjoy comfort and privacy. Kits are handled daily from birth to ensure that they develop into social and confident family pets and breeders.
We are commited to raising happy and healthy chinchillas for your enjoyment. If you any questions please feel free to contact us.


This is our three - level pair/trio units.
Cage Stages
Stage 1: Female is a part of a pair or trio and where they remain with their mate for the bulk of their pregnancy.
Stage 2: Two weeks after kicks are felt, pregnant females are moved to maternity cages where they will give birth and spend the first couple of weeks with there kits. This cages are 1 level and kit -proof.
Stage 3: When kits reach 4 weeks they are competant jumpers and climbers. This is the stage where mom also starts to get fed up with them. At this time the mother and kits are moved to the young kits/bachelor cages. These cages are two -levels to allow kits to jump and climb and give mom a chance for a break.
Stage 4: At weaning mom enjoys 2-3 months of rest and relaxation in the pairs cage by herself. The babies are in the young chin/ bachelor cages and their father is placed in a bachelor cage until mom is ready to be mated again.


Two-level young chin/ bachelor cages are located on top of this unit.
One-level maternity cages are located on the bottom.