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Sunrise Chinchillas

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As of January 20th, 2005


March 25th, 2005
March 21st, 2005
Herd for Sale!!!! Please see sales page
January 4th, 2005
Metro went to his new home in Thornhill, ON. He is loving his new home and playing with cagemate Dewey!
December 3rd, 2004
On November 30th Mouse gave birth to a large ebony/white female named Cadelis. Cadelis is gorgeous and may remain a part of our breeding program. She is dark abony all over but with the exception of a pure white hind and 1/2 of her tail. This is Tedros' first kit and his size shows in her.
November 12th, 2004
On November 8th at 6 am Suede gave birth to a huge baby boy. He appears to be a light brown velvet due to the striping on his paws and his colouring. We'll have to see how his coat develops over the next couple of weeks. This little boy is very curious and is socializing well. More updates to follow.
November 1st, 2004
I have recently accepted a teaching position in Toronto. I have been living with my parents on their farm and will soon be moving to an apartment in Toronto. As a result, I am downsizing some of my herd so check our Available Chins page.
In short, breeding pairs and kits will be with me in Toronto and young, socialized chins for sale will be cared for by my father and sister in Vineland (NIagara Falls).
With 1 weeks notice a chin can be brought to either location for pick up if need be.  
October  30th, 2004
IMPENDING BABY BOOM!!  In the next two months I am expecting litters from 4 pairs. Suede  has one or two kits litterally protruding from her stomach. I expect her to give birth with this week or next. Mouse and Danuta's stomach are expanding, I expect to feel kicks within the next week. This will be Danuta's first litter so I'm excited to see what type of mother she will be. MIa is progressing and will be due in December. , her stomach is just starting to firm up and enlarge.
Are moms are happy and healthy , maternity cages are ready, we're ready , so we hope you are too!!

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